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Our Service Focus

  • Foreign and local Procurement which includes electrical, mechanical, cable, Instrumentations motors, fire detection system and piping materials


  • FELTON is dedicated to planning and managing the operation and maintenance of oil and gas plants to ensure that safe operational performance is optimized, that availability is maximized and that cost is minimized.

    In short, we are specialized in maintaining our clients’ production facilities so that they do what they should at minimum cost while upholding the highest safety and environment standards in the industry.

    Our thorough knowledge of all the major types of oil and gas plant, equipment and components means that otherwise disparate and specific maintenance activities can be consolidated, coordinated and managed by a trusted independent partner.

  • Specialized Activity

    Operation & Maintenance services is a comprehensive, specialized activity that starts with understanding the plant and its processes, together with the objectives of the owner. Effective maintenance increases the ‘up-time’ of the facilities – the time the plant is available for production. In addition to increasing operating revenue, professional maintenance also extends the productive lifetime of the assets, resulting in a reduction in the clients’ capital expenditure as well as environmental risks.


  • Manpower provision and training, Project Management and supervision, Interface/ sub-contracting management     

FESL has developed strong relationships with many of the world’s largest and leading edge operators, contractors & renowned suppliers/manufacturers