Corrosion can destroy the integrity of your infrastructure. Patching the damaged area may seem the simplest and least expensive process of repair, but it may also be the least effective. Eventually, repairs may be required on a cyclical basis—each time growing more expensive. These repairs weaken the structure and may lead to the need for total replacement.

Because Felton Energy Services Ltd engineers understand the principles of corrosion, we can provide you with a cost-effective corrosion control system designed to protect your infrastructure. Felton Energy Services Ltd can prevent corrosion in new structures and mitigate corrosion in existing structures — saving you money.

Felton Energy Services Ltd offers comprehensive system analysis, upgrade designs and installation services using the most advanced cathodic protection design tools, materials and construction techniques.

The Principles of Cathodic Protection

Useful metals are often extracted from their naturally existing states (as ores) to be commercially and industrially viable. However, due to their chemical nature, there’s a propensity for these metals to revert back to their initial states (metal oxides). This process is often known as corrosion in layman terms and the most common example notable in everyday life is the rusting of iron and its various alloys, an example being steel.

Advantages and Uses of Cathodic Protection

The primary benefit Cathodic Protection offers over other anti-corrosion systems is its ability to be deployed merely by the maintenance of a Direct Current Circuit. Also, the effectiveness of the applied Cathodic Protection can be easily monitored as well as regulated by adjusting the properties of the Direct Current passing through the system. It can also work hand with hand with Anti-Corrosion coatings, where the coatings may have been compromised. It’s also applied to marine architecture structures to counter the effects of corrosion, hence increasing the lifespan of these structures.

Why we should go with FELTON ENERGY SERVICES

FESL have over 4 years’ experience in providing comprehensive Cathodic Protection (CP) and Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS) to the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore and Marine Civil Industries.

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