In large scale construction projects, Felton Energy Services Ltd provides Project Management services acting as the Executive Project Manager on behalf of his Clients.

Architectural tools

Project management service would include the preparation of a detailed Project Management Plan (PMP) and implement this plan through the life cycle of the project.

The PMP would typically include the following:

  • Project Summary
  • Scope Definition and Work Breakdown including planning and scheduling
  • Project Organization including communication procedures, contractual relationships and resource management
  • Project Delivery Processes for inception, feasibility, outline design, scheme design, detail design, mobilization, construction, commissioning and handover
  • Regulatory Processes including health & safety, environmental & sustainability, town planning and client specific third party approvals
  • Project Management Processes for resource management, project scheduling & control, cost modeling & planning, forecasts, data transfer methods and formats, risk assessment & management, procurement, subcontractor & supplier management, project closure, performance measurement & key performance indicators and dispute resolution

Felton Energy Services Ltd realizes that one of the key factors of a successful completion of a complex project is the Interface Management. At the commencement of a complex project if required by the Client an Interface Management Plan will be developed and maintained by Felton Energy Services Ltd in order to establish processes to identify and efficiently manage interfaces and coordinate activities.